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While it’s hard to say whether there’s any one particular day that’s best for running away from home, if forced to choose, one would probably say the 15th of September would be as good a day as any. But on the other hand, to the mud-soaked and waterlogged girl stumbling through the woods, the fifteenth didn’t feel particularly good for anything whatsoever.

After all; it was her birthday, and nothing good had ever happened on it before.

In the rainy damp woods, full of rainy damp thoughts, the girl wove past a broken-down wooden gate in an old stone wall without even taking notice of either. She did notice the house beyond them, though, and might have hesitated a moment if not for a sudden peal of thunder. A little bell chimed as she stepped inside, boots stomping against the small welcome mat, ignoring all the signs on the front door except for the words Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast.

Welcome to Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast, a slice-of-life tabletop RPG about a heartless witch, a peaceful house, and all the folks who have made their home inside. This playkit features all of the following:

  • All the rules you need to play Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast.
  • Five residents (Gertrude, Sal, Hey Kid, Parish, and Amelie)
  • Six guests for additional characters,
  • Eight chapters to play.
  • Some locked materials, for trying out some special mechanics (which includes five more guests and four more chapters)

Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast is a very special game. It uses pre-set characters, quick-play chapters, and an adaptable ruleset unlike anything else out there. It takes less than a half hour to learn how to play and get started, but with new chapters and secrets to unlock folks can stick with the game for years and years.

The full release of Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast is coming to Indiegogo March 2022. That release will have:

  • Hardcover and paperback versions of the full book.
  • Two extra residents (Yazeba and the Moon Prince)
  • 40+ guests, from a biblical angel to a fluffy white cat.
  • 50+ chapters, each its own modular adventure.
  • Journeys for every resident and guest for longterm play,
  • and more!!


Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast is written by Mercedes Acosta, Jay Dragon, M Veselak, and Lillie Harris. Cover art by Aster Santiago. Published by Possum Creek Games.


YB&B Ashcan 2021.pdf 1 MB


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This is awesome. I can't wait to buy the full game one day.

Hello. There Is a Way to buy PDF of this game?

Hi! The digital version is available via One More Multiverse at onemoremultiverse.itch.io/yazebas, which includes both the PDF and an accompanying VTT.


I'm slightly confused. The campaign on Indigogo seems to be over and I'm not sure the PDF on this page is the full game. Where can I get the full game in 2023?


The full game is not finished yet.  I believe you can still pre-order on Indiegogo.


I'm not familiar with the other creators, but I love Jay Dragon's work and this looks like it's going to be just as Wanderful as Wanderhome was... I'll see myself out. But seriously looking forward to the final product. The ashcan made for a great read.

I don't know if this is a silly question, but I am a little confused about Journeys. Some characters have specific tasks to complete in order to check off one of the tracks, but some don't. At the end of a Chapter do they count up their individual leftover tokens and trade each one for a track segment? 

Yep! Those are leftovers, and that's exactly how it works, if they don't have checklists.

Awesome thank you :)


Ok, this game is really really cool. You should try it. I can't wait for the full version :D


We're playing a forum game of Chapter 5 (the Rainy Day) over at rpg.net. Drop by and check it out ... so far this is the funniest, sweetest rpg I've ever played!


Also - have you heard the term "lyric game?"

This is **NOT** that.

While the bits of the ashcan that I have read are entertaining, they are *nothing* compared to the snippet of play that we've had so far.

With a good table, the ingredients dug out of this ashcan really come alive into something flavorful and filling.

The premise of this rpg really resonates with me. Is it possible to play with concierge and one single player?


Hi, yes it is! I cannot confirm every single chapter is 2-player friendly but I know a lot of people (including myself) have played many of the chapters duo and had a lot of fun. I think many of the points brought up in the FAQ about solo play might also apply here, although I think the game is even more friendly to duo play. I think if you do encounter one of the rare 3+ chapters, or if feel like a chapter plays weird when it’s only 2 players, the game is super easy to quickly alter on the fly to accomodate. Does that help?

yes it does! Thank you so much

I loved reading through the preview! But I gotta admit, I don't quite get the token system yet, I'd be incredibly thankful for any further explanation!

Hi! So the base mechanics vary from chapter to chapter, so I'm not sure which token system you mean — could you point towards the specific moods or chapters are are confusing you? Otherwise, each chapter should be self-explanatory for the rules within that chapter.


Is there any chance of a pledge to include Wanderhome? Would love to combine shipping on physicals! <24hrs until the project goes live, yes yes yes!!!


Yes, you will be!


Can this be played solo?


Sorta! The short answer is that there's no solo play support in the book, but there is advice on journaling-as-play and writing fanfiction about the game. Because this is a TTRPG that's also designed to be engaged with as a book, "reading the game" and "imagining what the characters are doing" and "writing stories about the characters" is fundamentally solo play! So if you like to engage with TTRPGs on your own, there will be a lot here for you.




I love the way you guys tackle inclusion. It's out of love, and not social obligation.


A wonderful game! 

We played Chapter 10: wash cycle last night and it was delightfull. Strong Miyazaki vibes, with strangeness, cuteness and queer magic


I am so hyped ! I hope I can try this game with my friends soon :D


Haven't actually played the demo yet but this is DELIGHTFUL!!!! My friends and I couldn't stop ourselves from fawning over it together. I can't wait for the full release :)


Jay Dragon's next game, presented here in demo version, has an already very enticing pitch (we play slices of the lives of travelers and employees of a more or less magical Bed & Breakfast) but also combines two excellent concepts, one of which I think is unheard of in the role-playing game world: a division into chapters that are each governed by more or less different rules depending on the atmosphere and the characters (because you only play this game with pre-starters), and a rather pronounced legacy aspect, with stickers to unlock via the evolution of the characters and scenarios, to unlock new characters and new chapters... It's a huge potentiality that opens up with such a concept and I can't wait to discover it in its published form to dream about it even more!


I don't suppose there's a Kickstarter placeholder page so I can click "Remind me!" for when I otherwise don't notice it's gone live in March?

It took ages but I finally got that set up! Here's the link: https://www.backerkit.com/call_to_action/6988842d-d601-43ec-84f6-1dfbc01affe8/la...


I did a review of this game over on Twitter. Short version: IT'S REALLY GOOD. Long version: https://twitter.com/col_bosch/status/1438667598057639938