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Hey.. do you guys plan on releasing the pdf internationally? I REALLY wanted to play the game but because of monetary differences 25 dollars is A LOT in my currency

It's about 131 R$ and that's a lot, you can do the groceries for the whole month with this amount of money

I'm sure in the US it's a fair price and I understand if an international release is not viable, but I was just curious

Hi, please take a look at the community copies section! This is why we offer community copies for folks who can't afford the PDF.

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that is really thoughtful, a big thanks tho

Can't wait to play but I'm sure I'll love it

Your work is really awesome and again a HUUGE thanks for this.

Wow, thank you so much for this stunning game! Just received my physical copy and I'm still in awe from all the gorgeous artwork and layout, you should all be proud of yourselves! I hope to play with friends-- I was wondering, were you considering making a dyslexia friendly version of the playkit? The writing is rather tight, especially for the playbooks.

hi! unfortunately the playkit is discontinued — we aren't updating it and we don't currently have plans to make a new one. it's a little bit of history from the kickstarter that, while cool, we're focusing on making the core game as accessible as possible (which is to say, the actual PDF is dyslexia and screenreader-friendly!)


This game is great! Just read through it with a friend and we cant wait to play it and bring ideas from it into the other rpgs in our life! thanks for making it!

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I love this game very very much, thank you so much for making this amazing game, Possum Creek Games team.

The thing i love the most about this game is how it encourages you to describe objects and places not in the literal way but also through the feelings we have about the objects and places.

I highly recommend this game, guys. 👍


This game has completely revolutionized not the way I think about TTRPGs but also the way I think about stories and how they are told. Every time I even contemplate the idea of the worlds this game allows me to build I smile. All I can say is thank you 


Hi! Are there plans to release the text of Wanderhome under a Creative Commons license? I couldn’t find an answer one way or another, anywhere I searched. Thanks so much! :)


Hi! We have a third-party license for creating content with Wanderhome, more information available on our website. There are no plans to release the text of the game under a creative commons license at this time, although if you're interested in making stuff for the game, this should help you out!


Hyvää syntymäpäivää! Happy Birthday!




Hi! I backed and have received my copy IIRC <3 
However I just saw there was an update on something like "variants"? But clicking the link just takes me here to the demo download x
Let me know if I should be able to access it? 
Thank you!!


Hi, sorry about that! That was part of the update I just rolled out, that accidentally got posted early. 

No problem! I see the links now <3
It's still asking me to "buy the game" before I can download them though. I'm pretty sure I'm logged in? Not used to itchio XD


Can you email us at with a screencap of what's going on and we can see what we can do to sort this out?


Thank you for all your help!


I wish Community copies remained! With my wife's crash and the time I spend caregiving, work has been slow.  Our kids and our niece and nephew, and their friends, have been playing Savage Worlds and FATE with me as GM, but one is a bit more violent than I'd like, and the other is too complicated for many of them. :/ But I intend to get this when I have a little extra money, to play with them!


We plan on opening up more community copies soon!


This is gonna sound kinda stingy, and I don't mean it as such, I just want to know what the options are ahead of time - I know the physical copies on the website come with the PDF included. If a person buys the PDF, will that at all offset the cost of a physical copy later, if they choose to buy one?


Hi! Unfortunately buying a PDF copy now does not offset the price of a physical copy later, unfortunately those are disconnected sales and I can't offer a discount later. 


Understood. Thanks for the reply!


I guess now I do have another question, but only because I just bought a physical book pre-order. ;) When do the PDFs included in that get delivered, and how?


The PDF will be delivered with a download code alongside the physical book, but if you email us at we can email you a download key sooner! (I'm sorry that's so clunky, the technology is ... frustrating, on the backend)


E-mail sent! Thanks!


So I absolutely love the game! I'm wondering if there's ever any chance that we'll see separate playbooks for all the... playbooks. What I mean is how they were done in the playkit prior to the Kickstarter.


We made the choice not to lay them out that way because (and you can notice this if you compare the playkit text to the final text) we had to make a *lot* of cuts in order to fit the playbooks into the form they took in the playkit. If you look under Demo, however, you can see there are blank character sheets that you can fill out!


Wanderhome is a feeling. Its the feeling of watching Ghibli movies with my friends in the early crack of the morning. Its the feeling of calm and solace that comes from basking in the green of nature, walking through the shadows into the rays of sunshine that pierce through the cracks in the leaves. Its the feeling of being on holiday in a simple campervan and just listening to the rain pouring down around.

 Wanderhome is the feeling of home. 

Wanderhome teaches that home is all around us. 

No other game I have played has ever made me feel so happy and so calm. This game gives me the opportunity to reflect on life and spirituality as I imagine my little newt fool in her pink summer dress skipping stones across the pond under an overgrown bridge. I think about what it means to grow old as my badger veteran finds new romance just as he feels his life was at a close, giving him a new taste of what it means to live. It makes me think about the passing of time in a new exciting optimistic way. 

Whether solo or with friends Wanderhome is a unique opportunity that you do not want to miss. 


Just wanted to say that I love Wanderhome and I can’t wait to get my physical copy, reading through it just made me feel so happy and I can’t wait to play it.


Having read through the PDF a time or two now, I really appreciate the depths this game contains. You can use it to tell stories of peaceful wanderings and happy festivals, but as your journey continues you can also explore a land haunted and a people devastated by war. There is a kernel of horror hidden in the loveliness, and all the more vivid for its pastoral surroundings. Wanderhome has more in common with Sleepaway than I initially realized, and it's stronger and deeper for it.

The "heroic" and "royal" traits... the veteran's sword... the Guardian's ward... all the tools are here, if your group wants to pick them up. But you can wait until you're ready, or ignore them completely – and the game will support you.

This is genuinely one of the best comments I've gotten on Wanderhome. Thank you!


You’re very welcome! Thank you for designing such a rich and thoughtful game. 


Reading this is bringing back childhood memories and magic. Thanks so much for bringing it into the world. I can't wait to play!!!


I have a question that I don't think has been answered here yet, even though I have looked (as an aside, your pfp on itch is very cute and happy). How do I pronounce Hæth? I would like to know when I talk about this game out loud. Thank you.


That's your call! People tend to go with "Hayth" or "Heeth", but I don't have a preference


That letter in IPA is the same vowel as cat, bat, and rat!


oh thanks for the insight!


Super excited to play this one, but I'm having trouble imagining how a session would look. Is there any planned "actual play" or breakdown of play?


Hi! There's a lot of really wonderful Actual Plays available online. My personal preference is for the one with Brennan Lee Mulligan and Joseph Fink, found here:

But also if you go on Youtube and search up "Wanderhome" there's a ton of great actual plays by some amazing content creators. I hope that helps!

Joseph Fink from "Welcome to Night Vale"? OMG this is gonna be good.

This games look so lovely. COngrats.

The very same! I hope you enjoy 🥰

Wow, a little research on my part would have been a good start. Sorry about that, and thanks! 😁

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There’s so much! They’re so pretty. I feel held.


edit: i made a playbook!


i am equal parts incredibly enamored and deeply fascinated by this


I'm really intrigued by this but is there any chance you could type it, please? It's quite difficult for me to read. Thanks!


I hope someone does! I’m a hunt-and-peck typist and have a terrible few hours transcribing. I’m waiting out computer-generated transcription. Google has a service called Lens that’s getting close!

Thank you for your interest, let’s wait together!


i've transcribed it to the best of my ability, with minimal formatting in the event that i've written anything out incorrectly!


For the love of flower fields, someone commission this person! There’s formatting and everything!

i found 4 words of errata (in a 708-word transcript!):


patch notes


Ben Libet, et al





[–> easter egg <– the wasting static beneath “limited settings options” are the words:] parental controls pwd: 1uvuby

Thanks again!

Deleted 2 years ago

Oh wow thank you so much! i read it out loud (as my solution)!

have a good day i’ll go read the transcript now 🏃🏼 thanks again!


So cute, the read aloud version! Love you.


Are you providing copies to reviewers?

Yes! Please reach out at with a link to your review site, and we'll send you the press kit.

Awesome, thanks, Jay! 😁


Is there a way to donate to the community copy fund? I see it's getting low and that makes me happy that so many people were able to grab a copy, but sad that it's almost empty.


Not at the current moment, but we're working on it! I hope to have a solution soon.


You just hit all copies claimed! Congratulations!




i dont think i have ever felt such warmth from a ttrpg - such careful consideration and gentleness. i am a lonely person but the fact it did not look down on me for playing solo made me smile. i am glad to have supported ths great work!


Firstly, [obligatory spiel of love and recommendation, seriously, this game is lovely and amazing].

Secondly, I want to point out some maybe-flaws? They're more nitpicks if anything but probably best to catch these before printing?

- There are some page-colour changes in the natures and traits section, and I'm not sure if they're purposefully there? If they are, please ignore.

- The Lost trait doesn't have that trauma signifier beside it, on page 130.

Again, Wanderhome is absolutely stellar and unendingly wonderful. Can't wait to see more of your work!!!


Hi, thanks so much! Could you do me a huge favor and send those to our typo form? Found here:


By all the gods this is a delight to read through. This game reminds me of Golden Sky Stories and Ryuutama, except with a pinch of The Wind in the Willows. I love it! So happy to have backed this on KS all those months ago! 


Just took a precursory glance through the pdf, and while I can't say I've played it yet, I can't wait to dig into it! 

The system seems fun and unique and right up my group's alley, so needless to say I'm going to organize a playthrough as soon as I can.


Highly recommended! My group and I have now played several times using the pre-release playkit and have come away soul-nourished by the experience.

The light touch of the rules strikes a perfect balance of being richly vivid and completely open-ended.

Your group will find exactly the amount of ‘things happening’ that you need on that day. You’ll move naturally from quiet mulberry woods with trailing silk streamers to sinister verbal sparring with an old crow nemesis to sailing in a high aqueduct canal atop your big beetle mount enjoying the sunshine.

At the meta level, the mechanics and gameplay will put down deep roots and improve your other roleplay (and if you do it, your own game design). Wanderhome, I predict, will be allegorically an album oft-cited as an influence by future favorite bands. Excellent game!

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