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I got Wanderhome in a bundle and I have not had the privilege of playing it yet but my gods I adore this game so much, It was the first group storytelling TTRPG that I found and it holds such a special place in my brain and I truly hope I can get my group to play this with me soon! 

Though I did have the honor to talk about this game on my podcast with one of my friends who loves it in hopes more people will learn about it!

Thank you Jay Dragon for making such a fantastical game! 

Will also look for a communit. I think this is a realy great opportunity for my scout groups.  Love the conzept <3


This game looks amazing and I’m going to watch for community copies for now. :)


Would it be possible to receive a community copy of this?

I keep looking at the demo and it feels like something I can adapt and pull parts from to use in my journaling experiment for my classroom this year to encourage my struggling readers to read and write. 

If so, my email is Sharyna at gmail dot com … if not I understand completely! 



Just reading the book is an invitation to imagine a world that you want to spend time in. I still haven’t got to play the game but even if I never do I’m happy I have this in my collection.


Helloo, I was wondering if there were any more community copies available? I adore the concept of this game - it sounds so heartwarming and sweet! Tysm in advance :)


Its currently in a bundle for $10 if you haven't bought it yet and can afford it. 

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i purchased this with the bundle, and this is perfect for me and my sibling. weve been wanting to play tabletop roleplay type of games, but its hard with only the two of us. this game seems just perfect. theres so much soul in the universe and how the characters work, and the rules are so forgiving and relaxed. a flaw with the dnd world is that its kind of generic magic universe, which is fun, but it just isnt what we want.

we are currently making our characters and im learning the universe and how things work, i cant describe my excitement! i honestly feel bad that i payed 5 dollars to get access to it, and none of which goes to the developer ;u;. i definitely am going to save up to get the physical book!


This is a really cute story! i hope you two enjoy the game.

ну я ставлю класс


will there be more community copies or can we message for a discount? I can't work due to disabilities but I do get a small amount of money by selling my own art as stickers. ; - ;


the game is currently part of a bundle for trans rights in florida and you can get it (plus a bunch of other games) for $5, so you can get it for a good cause and on a discount :]


Hello will there be more community copies I'm on disability and can't spend much


Same :(


Will there be community copies available again? I really wanna play this but I'm in a rough spot and my currency doesn't translate well to USD


This game is such a gem; I got the pdf in a bundle and then my friends got me the physical book for my birthday and it just continues to bring me joy time and time again. I particularly enjoy the emphasis it puts on rest, enjoyment, care, and community. 


I have the chance to play Wanderhome with my friends recently and what a wonderful little journey it was.

Thank you so much for making this game, Jay and Possum Creek team! Thank you so much!

Is this a PbtA game?


No, it's belonging outside belonging — a spiritual descendent of PbtA that uses no dice and has an optional MC/GM role.


I haven't played Wanderhome yet, and I don't even own it. I just thought I should share that seeing the artstyle, and how peaceful and happy everything is, brought me to tears. This is one of the most gorgeous TTRPG's I've ever seen.


Hello! I'm a Japanese TTRPG player.

On February to March 2022, I played Wanderhome with friends.

It was a lot of fun! I summarized the impressions tweeted by everyone on Twitter.

Please read it!

Thanks to fel for introducing this game to Japan.

Also, "Wanderhome" is introduced on the Japanese Youtube channel "PhantomRadio"!

Many people are looking forward to the official Japanese translation of this game. As a fan, I hope that a complete Japanese translation will come out.

Hello! This game looks absolutely amazing! Your Dungeon game looked fascinating, but this is mind blowing as I love games with animal characters!

I would love to buy those two beautiful hardbacks, but I can't even afford the pdf.

If you add any more community copies in the future, please let me know, I would love to play this!

Thank you!


When (and if) more community copies will be added? Not everyone can buy the game after all


Hey, how's it going? I want to translate your material into my language, can we talk here?

insectophobe edition? cobsultant approved for (almost) all? you're a treasure and if my mic... or pc.. worked I'd try to wrangle an online group up ❤️‍🩹


really enjoy the game, thank you

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Any chance an epub/mobi file with the rules will be made available in the future? The PDF is beautiful but can be a struggle on smaller ereaders. Even a plaintext would be nice…


This game is so enchanting. I picked it up to play it with some friends and now I don't want to put it down. This wasn't my first time playing a GM-less game but something about it redefined what storytelling can mean for a group. I am so incredibly fond of the Haeth and the stories within it. 


can this be played with just 2 players? I'm really interested but all I have is myself and my fiance right now :')


Yes! There's a few podcasts where I do exactly that (such as on Party Of One)


big fan of possum creek games, excited to read this one


I've read through Wanderhome multiple times and have listened to a couple Actual Play podcasts, though I haven't had the opportunity yet to run a game with my own game group.

First of all, the book is a beautiful thing even if you just flip through for the art. The saturated, whimsical style of the art is just nice to look at. Then there's the descriptions of the natures for kith and for places that are great for getting your mind working imagining a character or a place or a story all on their own.

If just the book can bring me back this much, I can't wait to get a Guide-less game going with my usual group.


I wish I had money to get a pdf my Physical copy got destroyed because of flooding 


I'm so sorry that happened! If you got a physical copy and you still have the receipt, you can send that to and we can send you a PDF copy.


I will get the money eventually since the receipt is already hone


Hi! I want to say - I love what you've made! I'm from Poland, a rather conservative country (the most discriminating against LGBTQ+ and women in Europe, some say) and I think having ttrpgs that are wholesome and support stories of healing, acceptance and kindness is really important. We generally love to play in D&D, Warhammer, Call of Cthulu or Kult, but seeing how people react to Wanderhome with amazement and squeals of joy when they get to be a cute, cuddly animal is pure gold. I've played Wanderhome with friends (and a bit more random people from discord) and all of them loved the contrast to what they usually play.  

Thank you for having enough courage, drive and creativity, to come forward with Wanderhome. It's beautiful and fully capable of changing the landscape of the ttrpg fandom. 

Lots of love from Poland <3 

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Hi there, I just bought your book from an online store in Canada, which came with the PDF (Though it seems to be only about 50MB).  But coming here after the fact I see that you also provide a variant PDF which wasn't included in my purchase, can you give a bit of information as to what's included in that file?  Thanks, really looking forward to diving in!


That contains a black and white version and an insectophobe version, for people who dont want color or bugs!


Did you know there's a review video on this RPG? Go Check it out!


First of all, thank you for the incredible work put into this beautiful game. I'm considering a Haeth where I can wander in my indigenous heritage, and I have a question about Sprawling Natures. Densely populated permanent settlements were unusual for us -- is there another aspect to sprawling that I should keep in mind? (This can wait until after the crowdfunding campaign for Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast, I know you've got your hands full.)


Hi, I'm so glad Wanderhome resonates with you! So if I was playing a game where I was mainly avoiding sprawling natures, my approach would be to generally not select them unless a picklist prompted me to, and then once selected interpret them through a metaphorical lens. Like, what is a forge metaphorically about? Is there a space for a place that contains many people coming together and intermingling, even if it's not a literal metropolis? Another approach might be to draw more heavily on 3rd party natures or those in the stretch goals PDF, all of which can be found here — maybe if there's no equivalent to a metropolis, you could pull in a beach, fallen star, or shade.

No matter what, I hope your wandering goes well!


Thank you, excellent advice. Just prepping for this game has been nourishing! What a wonderful and healing thing you've put into the world.


Hi! I’ve heard great things about this game and want to try it. Question, though - can it also be played as a solo RPG?




Only managed to get in one session of this before online schedule hell pulled the group apart but the character creation process was lovely, inspiring and simple and the one session we played was wholesome and soft.

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I have a group inviting me to play this and from the read here I am wildly excited to give it a try :)


Any chance you'll open up a few more community copies over the holidays? Would love to see if my niece and nephew would enjoy the system/setting before buying the big splashy hardcover version! Also, love the Arc of the Year blanket on your webstore. That's such a neat idea! :)


I don't think we'll be opening more over the holidays, simply because we've already given away a thousand copies and I would like to space out giveaways periodically. 

Hello!  I have a question about Place creation.  Are you supposed to select 3 natures in a specific way?  Is a Place supposed to be a larger concept of several smaller locations within it?  Like, it's hard to imagine an Island Workshop Glen.  Was that what was intended?  The description for how to create a place is really vague and the example barely covered the process. 

When writing in the Place character sheet, there's only 4 lines for Aesthetic Elements, but each Nature requires you to choose 2, so shouldn't there be 6 lines? Or did I misunderstand how these are supposed to be composed?



Hi! To answer your questions to the best of my ability:

  • There is no specific rules about selecting natures — you can roll randomly or pick, or something else.
  • A place is a unified location tied together thematically by the natures selected. So for example, an Island Workshop Glen might be a Greek-inspired cliff-covered isle (the island) overflowing with vibrant life due to island biodiversity (a metaphorical glen) and inhabited by an order of weaver-nuns (the workshop). Or maybe it's a village built around an artistic workshop deep in the woods and surrounded by rare butterflies, that is cut off from the rest of civilization. Or something else! 
  • There should be 6 lines. I don't know why there are only 4. 

Wow thank you for the amazingly fast response!   I think I understand Natures and Places now; that they're more guidelines than literal places.  Thank you!


Hello. :) I have two questions.

1. Is there a way to preview how the system works? I've fallen in love with the setting at first blush, but I struggle with TTRPG systems and wanted to get a read on if it will be easy for me to run and understand.

2. How much do we have to pay to contribute to the community pool?


1. You can get a sense of how the system is through APs and podcasts — my personal favorite is the oneshot episodes with Brennan Lee Mulligan. If you know a friend (or website 🤫) with the PDF, you can borrow it! I will say, the system is very rules-lite, so that might potentially help.

2. The community copies pool is closed right now, but I'll open it up again soon! We tend to open it on special occasions.


Actually, because of this post I added another 72 community copies!


I appreciate that a lot. I was very much punching this game into my budgeting goals today, trying to figure out where to fit saving for it in, but the community copies being restocked was a godsend and I thank you kindly for it.

I do wish it was possible to add to the amount we paid on community copies like we can with purchases though, so I could properly pay for it when I have the funds though.

Thank you so much, again. What a nice thing to find when I checked my messages. :)


Unfortunately we can't make it work like that, since it would require manual monitoring and I'm too busy to keep an eye on that :( If you want to show appreciation, please feel free to leave a rating and review, or recommend us to your local library!

does the system allow you to 'purchase' a copy after you've claimed a community copy?


You're welcome to buy a hardcover or paperback copy from our storefront, or ask me to add another community copy, but there's no systemized way to add additional community copies to the pool.


I've gotten a few friends interested and will be saving for a hardcopy. I will definitely remember to notify you once I've purchased it in that case.

Also, I didn't know libraries took TTRPG books until today, ha.


I tried Wanderhome with my older daughter (7)... later, the younger daughter (3) joined us as well. So we played... probably not exactly the way it was intended, but it was fun. They both request playing it again. And they both roleplay like crazy. So, I guess it's a good game :)

Picture is relevant, the older daughter is the author :)


That's amazing! There's no wrong way to play as long as everyone's having fun — and it looks like they had a blast. I love her bugs!

Hi! Since all the community copies are claimed, I was hoping to take a look at the demo/quickstart but the download demo button seems to be just character sheets with no explanation. Is this intentional? 

The Demo is just where we're storing the character sheets for access. We're going to replace it with a quick start soon! 


There are some game books which build such rich worlds that you are automatically transported there just by reading the book. This is one such book. Moreover, I sit with my physical copy in my lap, tears in my eyes, and nose runny from the warmth and quiet happiness reading this book brings me. This is the kind of retreat into a journey that I needed and I look forward to bringing friends along for that journey.


Sweet without being saccharine, precious without being twee, Wanderhome is an interesting emotional and original ttrpg experience that can be enjoyed equally between friends and family groups of all sizes and age ranges. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a small quiet adventure or a long hobbitesque meander.

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Hello! This is lovely! I've been reading through the PDF and just had a question about what something meant. Under the seasonal advancements for each character, it always has a bullet point saying to "take an unused playbook and add as much as you want from that playbook to yours"-- what does that mean?


Hi! This means you can combine your character with another playbook, taking as much as you want from that playbook (lists, questions, "always do" moves, etc.) and bringing them onto yours.


Ah, I see! Thank you so much for taking the time to clarify this :)

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