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Uncanny is a supplemental expansion for the Tabletop RPG Sleepaway by Jay Dragon, published by Possum Creek Games in 2019. It is focused on the Strangeness, the mysterious forces of uncertain intention that exist at the edge of the camp. Uncanny requires the Sleepaway rulebook in order to be played, and is intended as supplemental content to enhance and inform the core game experience.

Uncanny includes:

  • New character sheets (the Destined, the Old Pine, the Heron, the Moth Maiden, and the Cataract Squire)
  • New setting elements (the Hellbender Queen, the Hitchhiker, Lord Storming, the Paper-Skin Hares, the Roaming Fen).
  • Rules and advice for creating your own strangeness and incorporating the strangeness into oneshots or shorter games of Sleepaway.
  • Brand new art, rituals, interludes, and more!

Are you dreaming? It’s late, after all. Curfew was hours ago, and across the cold lake you can see the dim bunks and their flickering lonely porch lights. It feels like you’re dreaming. But the mossy rocks against your skin are too real, and the weight in your chest grounds you in the present. You’re not dreaming, no matter how fake the stars overhead feel. But if this isn’t your dream, perhaps it’s something else’s.
When you’re awake, it’s easy to mistake our world as something sturdy. But, sitting out on the rocks at the edge of camp, you gain a new appreciation for how fragile our home can be. Perhaps there was a time when dreams moved through the waking world. Perhaps if you could just peel back the thin layer of comfort we build for ourselves, you’d find something else…
And for a moment, you spot it. In the darkness. Waiting. Watching. Dreaming. 
And then it is gone, and you realize how cold it is outside in August at two in the morning. Don’t worry. Go back to your bunk and go to sleep. In the morning, this memory will mingle with all your other memories and you can chalk it up to just another of the Strange sorts of things that happen at camp.

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CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorPossum Creek Games
Tagsbelonging-outside-belonging, expansion, Horror, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Queer, sleepaway, summer-camp
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Wonderful expansion to the beauty and terror of Sleepaway! Can't wait to incorporate this into my future games!


Quick question: The PDF mentions that there are 3 strangeness character playbooks in the supplement on page 11, but I can't find anywhere that specifies which 3 those are supposed to be. Should it say 5 character playbooks, or are there 2 that are meant to be used as regular playbooks?

It's referring to the Destined, the Old Pine, and the Heron! The Moth Maiden and the Cataract Squire are technically not playbooks since you attach them to another playbook

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This is fabulous. I have been waiting for the moth maiden since I emerged from the Oldest Tree near the Lake. ♪( ´▽`)