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How long and how far have you walked? When you wore through the soles of your shoes you wrapped your feet in linen, and when the linen broke you had only the shroud of your own skin. The salt of four oceans and the dust of four deserts is embedded in your palms. Everything you had, you left behind you on the road, which is longer than memory and knotted like the fur of a wild dog. In front of you is an obscure future, and a distant promise of rest. But you cannot reach it alone.

In Ritual To Summon An Indifferent God, you play as a pilgrim on the final step of your journey. The god that you must summon is remote, invisible, unassailable. The two of you have never spoken, and you have no reason to believe it will answer your prayers. Pray anyway.

A solo RPG, written by Kaiya Lewis-Marlow. 

Available as both a PDF and a physical zine. It's 16 pages long, including front and back cover, and includes graphic design by Jay Dragon and art by Worsey. A Ritual To Summon An Indifferent God is part of the emerging Lyric Game genre on Itch.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsPossum Creek Games, Kaiya Lewis-Marlow
GenreRole Playing
TagsLARP, LGBT, LGBTQIA, lyric, lyric-game, Queer, ritual, solo


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I got one of the community copies, and so far I've just peeked through the text so I could read it at a later time when I am more ready. 

I wish I could buy the zine copy, but alas. I think this game is really on another level for people who want to revel in their own thoughts/be mindful, but seek inspiration from an outside source. Definitely a very great game of the lyric game genre!