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Kid Impossible is a hero, the savior of our city. They fought off the Kaiju, and kept their friends safe from the monsters. They’re gone now, and none of us will ever fill their shoes. But we can all try to be like them, and save our own worlds from our own Kaiju, in our own ways.
Kid Impossible is my best friend who I’ve known my whole life. This summer is the first I’ve spent without them, and I miss them terribly.
Kid Impossible lies on the grass and stares up at the clouds.
Kid Impossible is the only one awake at odd hours of the night, when we have meandering conversations about everything and nothing.
Kid Impossible helped me realize I am trans.
We have all been Kid Impossible, at one point or another. This game is an instruction manual for becoming Kid Impossible again.

In Kid Impossble and its companion, KAIJUZINE, you take on the role of the Kid Impossible - the savior of a heartbroken and dangerous world. Fight a series of increasingly more difficult Kaiju and tell stories of friendship, companionship, and the poetry of childhood. 

Kid Impossible is very technically a hack of The Wizard's Grimoire by Vincent Baker. It requires a great deal of imagination to play, and a sense of childlike wonder. My hope is that the poetry of the zines and the stories it invites you to imagine can weave with your own memories to create something unique, a game that you can play whenever you remember to breathe and listen to the quiet parts of the world.

Kid Impossible is part of the emerging Lyric Game genre on Itch.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorPossum Creek Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsLARP, LGBT, LGBTQIA, lyric, lyric-game, Queer, Two Player, zine


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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A really fun short game! You can explain it, play a session of it, and learn the meaning of friendship all in about an hour if you want to!