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I may be dumb, but I cannot find the commands for the bot

Hi! I'm running a game of TFC and wanted to clarify something. When it says "...each member of the court goes to the index cards and leaves either a Proposal or an Assassination Attempt," does this mean that each member of the court can only do one action? (So in other words, you can't assassinate two people, can't propose to two people, can't propose to one person and assassinate another, and can't propose to and assassinate the same person?) 

Hi, I'm sorry for the late reply! I need to reread the rules but the intention is that you can send as many assassination attempts as you want, and up to one proposal. You can't send more than one assassination to the same person. You *can* propose and assassinate someone, IIRC. I gotta double check what the text says but that's how I meant for it to be!


Thank you! 

Hello! I was hoping to use the Discord bot, but when I click the link (, I get a 'no scopes provided' error. Is there a way to link to a description of the bot or the source code somewhere?

if you add &scope=bot to the end of the link it works!

Thank you so much! I have updated the link.


okay so image you're playing mafia with your friends but instead of going in rounds wondering who's who you're all flirting with each other and pretending to be the most extra and evil people you can imagine while being dumb and queer. If i was better at describing stuff I would say that's how playing flower court feels. this game has killer aesthetics, inspires role playing, and is ridiculously fun.


I got to playtest The Flower Court, and wow! It's a secret objective game, a little like werewolf, except the werewolves are all cyberpunk aristocrats flirting murderously with you.

(More games should involve a mailbox mechanic; it's very fun.)