Typos And Errors Fixed

Hi everyone,

It's been more than a year since Wanderhome was released, and we have a couple typos to fix!

  • In the original PDF, Beau Sheldon was erroneously left uncredited for his work creating and documenting the Script Change safety tool. We've fixed that and apologize to Beau. Please go check out his work at Thoughty!
  • Eagle-eyed readers might spot a discrepancy between the book and the PDF — a trait called "relaxed" in the book was called "chill" in the PDF! This is the result of a last minute change, and we've finally aligned the book and the PDF.
  • There were two typos on page 185 which were very funny but also inaccurate. I don't think we want anyone celebrating "refleections day" or marking their calendars as "blooommeadow" so we've fixed the typos.

Also, I want to let everyone know about a couple Wanderhome-related things Possum Creek Games is getting up to. First of all, we're planning to release an annotated version of Wanderhome featuring game design and layout notes from Ruby and Jay on the Possum Creek Patreon sometime next week. If you want to check that out, be sure to join the Patreon to find out more. Secondly, we're gearing up for a Wanderhome reprint, as we're running low on books. There's not a lot of hardcovers or softcovers left, so be sure to snag them now before we do our second print run! 

Finally, I want to make sure everyone is aware of another really awesome project we've been working on!

If you like Wanderhome, then Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast is probably very much your cup of tea. It's a diceless slice-of-life game about a found family of strange misfits in a mysterious Bed & Breakfast run by a heartless witch. It managed to raise over $300,000 on Indiegogo, been named one of the most anticipated TTRPGs of 2022 by both Dicebreaker and Polygon, and it's currently available for preorder on Backerkit here!

Thanks for reading everyone — it's been a busy time at the Possum Creek but we're so grateful for all the love and support Wanderhome has received over the past year, and I hope you all continue to check it out and enjoy.


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Jun 10, 2022
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Jun 10, 2022

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Just a heads up, the bookmarks are doubled in the pdf and do not work when clicked on. Opened in Preview for Mac and Adobe Acrobat.


Oh no! Thank you for the heads up! we'll have it fixed on Monday.


Tell us when the files are ok ❤


The files are okay! I didn't do a second update, but they should be fine now.