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The Rake is a nightmare inducing game of fire and blood. It is a larp for 3+ people, in which unwitting teenagers summon a murderous monster during a sleepover. This game seems like it would be an absolute blast to play. It is reminiscent of the childhood game Redrum, and it takes place in a dark home with a lot of matches.

You should certainly give The Rake a read. If you have ever wanted to be a creeping, lumbering monster, hunting your friends in the dark, then this is the game for you.


A LARP where you play hide and seek in the dark. One of the players would be the Rake, a supernatural being from urban legends/horror movies. The other players are "kids" who summoned the Rake with a ritual, and the Rake won't stop until they hunt everyone down. The only way to survive as a "kid" is to undo the ritual as the last person standing. What's more is that whenever a "kid" sees the Rake, they have to light a match, and can't move until it burns down to their finger. I love how this game invokes feeling of dread, and how it cleverly plays with darkness and light. I also want to praise the game for its inclusion of safety mechanics. A minor problem I have (by reading the rules) is that the Rake can eliminate all the "kids" easily if they want to. (I feel that the Rake is more of a GM, who's job is not to win, but to challenge the players.)