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Jay’s writing is focused on interpersonal connection, queerness, and lights shining in the darkness. They are a great example of how independent designers are innovating! 

Games for Lost People is the perfect example of these themes. It is as much an essay on fear, friendship, and mental illness as anything else. They are games to play when reality leans in too close.

"How to Build a Magic Forest" stands out to me as the most whimsically interesting game to actually play in this collection. Over the course of many years you will paint symbols on trees, until you have created something mystical.

For a more serious game from the collection, “Play this instead of Killing Yrself” challenges you to wander in the face of grave pain. It is a compelling read.


Tender and evocative game design. So many of these games are windows directly into jay's heart. play this instead of killing yourself is one of the most beautiful and vulnerable games I've ever seen.