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good game  burnig

pls        torta

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oh yes

I just bought the game, and I'd be interested in translating this book into french, if you don't have an official translation yet. Would you be interested and how can I reach you when it's done ?

Creepy and wonderful.

It’s like a breeze that gets your attention because it’s just slightly too cold to be completely comfortable.

I haven't received my physical copy, though it says it was fulfilled 21 days ago.  Is there a way to track where the physical mail is?  I don't blame you, so not trying to be accusative.

Hey, no worries! I checked off fulfilled to let myself know that I packed your zine (I didn't realize it sent you an email, whoops!) but I didn't get it in the mail until a few days ago. It should be on its way!

Awesome, thanks!


Games I thought I recognized, until they bared their fangs.

Is there a specific player count needed? Could one play games solo? Thanks!

I don't think that's my call to make. Can you play it solo? I certainly won't stop you, it just depends on whether you feel ready.

All of these are games I learned to play with other people, however. It might be a challenge to adapt to solo experiences. I encourage you to check out Angelica Esoterica, Jammi's response to this game, which is designed for roughly solo play.

Neat, thanks!


I won’t talk about Esoteric, not only because the text suggests it should be a secret, but because the incredible aspect of Esoteric is only emergent, from play, and is more cathartic than dramatic. Highly Recommended.


This game contains many powerful secrets that will give you pause. It is absolutely playable, despite is potential first impressions, and it does wonderful things to create a powerful circle of trust, intimacy, and exploration.